Backup & Disaster Recovery.

The options below detail some of our offerings. Our message is that we can take responsibility for this aspect of your IT. We understand that customers need to be sure when it comes to backup and to that end have developed reporting and testing functions that allow our customers to see for themselves what is being covered.


PC and Laptop Backup and Recovery

We have two main PC backup options each of which encrypts and securely backs up your PC data offsite to cloud based servers. If you are using one of our file sharing solutions these methods may be redundant with your files constantly synced with our cloud servers.

Server Solutions and Disaster Recovery

Our core server backup and disaster recovery offering is based around a well honed collection of products and procedures. In almost all cases this now involves secure backup to an offsite location via the internet.

Key Points of Backup and Recovery

Security : All data is encrypted as it leaves your server. / Speed of recovery : Our image based process means we can recover servers within minutes or hours depending on the exact solution chosen. / Data Integrity : It is critical that the data stored is consistent. Our software continuously checks and re-checks the multiple copies of data. / Testing : As well as test file restores we can restore full servers back into virtual test environments. / Monitoring : Alerts are raised instantly, 24×7, to ensure we any problems are corrected as quickly as possible. / Planning and Recovery : The perfect backup will be no use without a plan to bring it back online.

Service Continuity

Our complete disaster recovery options are extensive and go beyond server backup. With greater amounts of data and services being provided via the web, there are many services that can be critical to business function.Email continuity. Broadband backup connections. DNS management. Landline redirection to alternate numbers and SIP options.We have put together options which can be very cost effective yet provide excellent redundancy to cover should an unexpected outage occur.