Managed IT Support Overview.

Whether you are looking for a maintenance contract, emergency on-site IT Support or just some helpful advice, we have the support solution to suit you. We offer on-site IT Support and Managed IT Services across the Glasgow and Stirling areas and right over Central Scotland. We can offer support at a fixed annual cost which can be broken down into manageable monthly payments. Where we have not supplied your IT infrastructure it will be necessary to conduct an audit of your equipment to give pricing on this. We understand that different companies have different needs and our support package can be tailored to fit your exact requirements.


Secure Remote Access

With our range of software tools and monitoring options we are alerted to potential problems and can often resolve them before they can impact on your business. Our secure remote access solution means we can resolve most issues within a few minutes. Should the issue require an on-site visit this will be carried out well within whatever response time we have agreed with you.


99% of calls to our main support number are answered by an engineer within 15 seconds (i.e. before entering any call queue). Our phone/CRM software means that your company’s calls should generally be taken by the engineers most familiar with your network. Support requests can also be logged via email or via the enlinea support tool installed on each system we manage.

Benefits of Managed IT Services

Reduce system downtime. Increase productivity. Proactive & rapid reactive IT support. Ensure systems, software & virus checkers are up to date. A full IT System audit. Easy to use fault reporting system. We can manage manufacturer hardware warranty services on your behalf. Monthly or weekly reports. Manageable monthly payments. Strict Service Level Agreement (SLA). Unlimited Telephone / Remote / On-Site Support. Support of servers, tablets, laptops, mobile devices & networks. Support for Apple products and OSX as well as Android & Windows.

We’re conscious our potential customers are faced with a wide array of options when looking to choose a new support provider. If your company has only 3 or 4 PCs and no server then the choice for IT support can be quite vast – there are many people and companies with the skills required to support a PC. However, if you have a server or many servers relied upon for business functions then the side-effect of poor IT support can be very costly. Even with 5 staff unable to access a critical application or server the costs of downtime can outweigh the savings made with cheap IT support in a matter of hours.

Choosing an IT Support provider

To help highlight some of the points to consider when choosing an IT Support provider, we’ve created a short document which you can download below...