IT Services in Glasgow – The Truth Behind Cloud Computing

IT Services in Glasgow – The Truth Behind Cloud Computing

Where does the hype end and the truth bring when sales the sales people come calling.

What is the real potential of this new computing paradigm as delivered by IT Services in Glasgow and elsewhere.

IT Services in Glasgow

IT Services in Glasgow

As cloud computing is gaining significant popularity among small and medium size businesses companies that provide IT services in Glasgow are stepping up to meet the new challenge and to deliver a full suite of support services that help Scottish companies realize the full potential of this new opportunity.  However, not all IT services in Glasgow or anywhere else are up to the challenge.

The first problem is that the entire concept has be overhyped.  This has suddenly become to panacea for every challenge businesses face in managing their IT assets, both in terms of hardware and software.  It’s also being sold as a way to hold down human resource expense.  While there are certainly opportunities, those IT services in Glasgow and elsewhere that are selling Cloud computing as some sort of magic bullet are sure to miss the target every time.

This is what Cloud computing can reasonably deliver:

1.  For a company to improve efficiency it is often necessary to invest in the IT infrastructure that will support the applications that are required to measure, monitor and control many facets of the business operation.  Such investments are both complex and expensive to set up internally.  An IT service company that maintains and effective cloud platform can allow these companies to effectively share the infrastructure and thus dramatically reduce the level of investment required.

2.  Many of today’s business management and business intelligence applications have been redesigned to deliver the types of high end support application that used to be available to only the largest companies with the deepest pockets.  However, they still require hardware platforms that are fairly robust, expensive to install and just as expensive to maintain.  By sharing a platform that a local IT service company has already developed much of this upfront expense is eliminated.

3.  Small and medium size companies are particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks both from unscrupulous competitors and criminals.  In part, this is the result of a lack of real understanding of the risks and in part it is the results of not having the budget and in-house talent to identify and close the security gaps.  By moving sensitive applications and data to a cloud platform these issues could be addressed but the platform must have been built and must be maintained by and IT service company that understands the risks and how to guard against them.

4.  The costs of maintaining an IT infrastructure of any size is often impacted the most by the costs of the human capital required.  While it is always a good idea to maintain some level of internal skills these could be set to a more strategic purpose if they were freed from the daily tasks associated with maintenance of hardware and software.  When Cloud computing is employed the company is effectively growing it day-to-day support team without having to hire on new direct resources and it also allow those internal resources that know the business from the inside to get more involved in the strategic planning that can help a business grow.  This again is where the right IT service company in Glasgow or elsewhere in Scotland  can have a positive impact.

Enlinea is one of those IT service companies that truly understands the real potential of Cloud computing and can help you separate fact and fiction so you can make smart business decisions about how this new computing paradigm can be effectively used to deliver the right return on investment. We have a variety of options which are summarised below but nothing comes close to talking directly with one of our IT and Cloud Support experts so, give us a ring and let us help you understand what Cloud computing is really all about.

File Sharing

Solutions geared to making your data available everywhere – offline, online, laptop, phone, tablet.

Microsoft® Exchange Online

Access your email from any device : laptop, phone, tablet etc. Keep everything in sync between these devices (contacts, calendar, inbox, sent items etc).

Microsoft® Office 365

A great and cost effective way to bundle together a variety of hosted solutions including Microsoft SharePoint® Online and Exchange Online.

Online Backup

Our solutions cover everything from handheld devices to servers.

Server Monitoring

We can build a solution to monitor your key systems and services with actions taken (email, text, call etc) based on certain criteria.

To learn more about cloud computing as offered by IT services in Glasgow and greater Scotland read this  Cloud Computing

or visit us and find out how real IT Services in Glasgow can and should be delivered.  You can find us at ENLINEA