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IT Services Edinburgh

IT Services Edinburgh

The future of almost every business depends on the IT infrastructure that supports it. In fact, IT is often the best way to gain a competitive advantage or at least level the playing field no matter who the competition is.. An antiquated IT infrastructure or poorly managed IT unit most certainly impacts the productivity of any business. For many businesses, IT investments simply can’t keep up with the constantly evolving state of the technology. When to run your IT Services in-house you have no hedge against your IT investments becoming obsolete almost faster than they can be implemented. This is further complicated when you also have to compete for a limited pool of qualified and expensive IT human resources.  Many businesses have either moved or are considering a move to managed IT Services and Edinburgh is a great place to begin that search.

What are IT Services and in particular IT Services in Edinburgh?

“Managed services” is the term used to describe the new and broad model for delivering IT services that includes both hardware and software serviced. You have no doubt heard about some of this under the banner of Cloud Computing but in many ways, this term simply muddies the waters.  So given the wide range of services that could be shifted to this model, lets break them down a bit.

First, let’s look at the services that deliver hardware and hardware support. In this IT services environment a team of people having expertise in networks, computers and other IT needs handle the risk and responsibility associated with managing your IT systems.   They can either provide this support for your on-site equipment or provide offsite capacity without you having make new capital investments.  In most cases, they deliver a blended solutions that combines both on-site support and “Cloud” expansion.

Then there are the software solutions and these can commonly be categorized as SaaS or Software as a Service.  In this case, critical business applications are hosted on the IT platform developed and maintained by the IT Services provider.  You are now operating in one of the other areas of Cloud computing and once again, the IT Services provider takes on full responsibility for managing the infrastructure on your behalf.

Cloud computing can also encompass online and offline storage of all of your digital assets.  Data, when properly maintained can be used to great advantage but in today’s computing world, the volume of that data demands ever increasing storage capacity.  It also requires advanced security that can protect those data resources effectively.   Finally, it need to deliver uninterrupted access to that asset to the business in order to get the most from its value.

What are the benefits of managed IT services & why keep your IT Services in Edinburgh?

Managed IT services provide several tangible benefits that can lead to increased performance, reliability and security of your company without excessive cost of hiring a full-time staff or extensive new hardware. It provides insulation against expensive downtime.  It protect against your infrastructure becoming inadequate in meeting the growing needs of the company.  It ensure you can take advantage of the latest software tools to better manage your business and compete in and increasingly challenging business environment.  It allows you turn your internal IT resources into a far more strategic force that can focus on those things that will most benefit the business without being distracted by the mundane daily activities associated with keeping the operation running.  In short, IT Services free you to focus on taking your business to the next level and beyond.

As for keeping it local, keep in mind that this service is designed to provide day-to-day and minute-by-minute support that helps ensure you are always operating at top efficiency.  If your IT Services provider isn’t local that creates unsustainable delays in service levels that will fall short of delivering the full benefits you should be realizing.  By deciding to place this critical function with IT Services in Edinburgh you effectively eliminate this downside and that is a major advantage over those competitors that have gone cheap rather than smart and contracted with a company that’s often a continent away.

What are the services offered by managed an IT service provider in Edinburgh?

First and foremost, the right organization will be able to provide all of the same services and deliver them with the same level of knowledge and professionalism as any other company regardless of where they are based.   Edinburgh is blessed with a highly skilled pool of IT resources and a few companies that have successfully built strong IT service teams by drawing the best from this talent pool.

Specifically, and IT Service company needs to deliver all of the following:

  • Helpdesk and on-site support.
  • Full remote support.
  • Proactive network and device monitoring.
  • Support for Windows and Apple environments.
    • BTW and LLU broadband.
    • Backup options - including 3G/HSDPA.
    • Leased Line and Bespoke Private WAN Options.
    • Telephony trunks – ISDN / PSTN / SIP.


These and other services all required a highly skilled team of technicians and IT strategists that take the time to understand your specific requirements and then deliver a solution that is tailored to meet exactly those requirement.  At Enlinea we deliver exactly that level of service.  Contact us to learn more about IT Service Edinburgh and how our team deliver the right local solutions for your business.

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